3 Hour Photo Trips – Our Pond Visitor #2



Tonight’s blog is the finale of the weekend visitor to our little pond.  Surprisingly, we still have some frogs jumping around and croaking tonight, so that’s a good thing.  We haven’t seen any goldfish, but there’s a lot of duckweed moss on the surface, so they may just be hid…we hope.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite and especially when you have so many photos to look through.  Just when I think I have one that I really like, another one pops up and I like it too.  In any case, the above pics are “some” of my favorites.

The water drop photo has to be a classic.  The one lone water drop barely hanging onto the end of his beak.  If you have an imagination, it’s almost as if he is staring right at the water drop and I can almost hear him saying:  “I wish I had a hand so that I could wipe this thing off, it’s tickling my nose!”  I know I’m anthropomorphizing (thank you 9th grade English class for that word) this egret, but hey, it sounds good.

Along that same line of thought is the photo where he is looking in the underside of his wing.  I imaging a couple of things here:  “Whoa, do I stink?” or “Where the heck did I leave my glasses?”  Which ever or neither, it’s a great picture.

Then there’s the one where he is looking down at us.  We actually tried to scare him away from the pond, as we were afraid he was going to clean it out completely.  He flew up into this tree and we walked up to him making some noise.  Instead of getting scared and flying away, he just looked down at us with the attitude of “That’s all you got!”  Shortly thereafter, we left him and he flew right back to the pond.

He landed just behind this big tree in the corner and as you can see, he is practically peeking around the tree to see if the coast is clear, or if we are still following him.  We actually gave up and just let him do what egrets do…eat.

A few hours later, we walked outside and got one of the final photos of him fleeing the scene of the crime.  Flying away with a full belly and what I suppose passes as an egret smile, he flawlessly flapped his wings, pushed high above the pines and the large oak in our front yard, banked left, and flew out of sight.

A pretty nice weekend visitor.  Our pond may be a little short on goldfish, but that is easily replaced.  However, your comments and likes cannot be replaced.  So don’t forget to press the “like” button and leave me a comment.  Pass my blog along to your friends and our new webpage:  rmgoldsmithphotography.com.  I had two new countries added to my view/like list:  Canada and New Zealand.  So take a moment and let me know what you think and be sure to click the “Follow” button so you won’t miss any great photos.

In the meantime, get up and get out and let me know where you went and send me a photo or two of your own.  As always, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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