3 Hour Photo Trip – Reelfoot Lake #2



It doesn’t matter if it’s dawn, noon, or dusk, Reelfoot Lake provides some amazing and tranquil views.  Technically I suppose these places and these photos would be called landscapes or waterscapes.  However, in reality they are simply “peaceful.”

The boardwalks winding and drifting into the unknown beyond.  What secrets lie there?  What new wonders are waiting to be discovered?  What is there just waiting for you to turn the corner and be in awe about?  The exciting reality is…we simply don’t know.

There are the two other photos that show the lone trees out in the water, just out of touch from the other trees near the shore.  Why are they there?  How can they survive the storms alone?  And yet notice the tall and straight Cypress.  Through the years not only has it survived, but it appears to have thrived.  And then there is the smaller, slightly tilted Cypress.  It doesn’t have the giant root system.  It is not tall, thick, or straight, but guess what…it too has weathered the same storms.  It has stood fast against the wind, rain, ice, and waves.  Though some may call it stunted or weak, to me it shows its strength because of it’s resolve and the simple fact it has made it through more than what anyone else may even know about.

Lastly, the serenity and peacefulness of the duckweed moss covered waterway compared to the clear waterway (the featured photograph).  I am certainly NOT a “life gives you lemons make lemonade” type of person.  But I am a realist.  Sometimes the water is clear and sometimes the water is mossy.  There can be peace found in both.  There is beauty found in both.   And there are struggles in both.  And more impressive is the fact that both waterways are just that…they are water “ways” not water “stops.”

Monica and I turned 49 this year.  I know that we are far from old and wise (at least the wise part for sure) but we have learned that as nature always finds a way, we are part of nature ourselves, and we too can and will always find a way.

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