3 Hour Photo Trips -Lafrienne Park


Lafrienne Park, just outside of New Orleans, was absolutely beautiful.  As you can see from the photos, it also turned out to be a veritable bird paradise.  We were able to document about 10 new birds from this one location.  And as you can see, they were all magnificent!

The featured photograph is the White Ibis.  Just look at the detail and the strange “Jimmy Durante” nose.  Sorry for the dated reference, so if you’re not old enough to know who that is, Google him and once you see him, I’m sure you will understand and agree.  The color and brightness of his eye is astounding, as is the shape of that bill.  Their actions were almost comical to watch:  constantly cleaning, pruning, and foraging with that crazy bill with quick darting back and forth movements.

Most of the birds we saw were one of two different kinds:  the Yellow Crowned Night Heron and the Black Crowned Night Heron.  A local guy that we met there told us that since there were so many male and female Night Heron’s there, which was unusual, that they must have been breeding.  Which explains what we captured in one of the photos above:  a female Night Heron gathering sticks, to which I imagine may make it to a nest somewhere.  We weren’t fortunate enough to see any nests anywhere, but there were female Night Herons on the ground, in the trees, and everywhere in between.

Lastly, for today’s blog is my personal favorite:  the Tricolored Heron.  What a beautiful looking bird!  All pastel multi-colored and somewhat “dainty” looking for a heron…almost like a Blue Heron all made up for Glamour Shot photo shoot.  Two different birds, two different areas, and how lucky were we to get clear shots with that great reflection in the water of all those colors.

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them at Lafrienne Park.  If you did, by all means leave me a comment.  Don’t forget to hit the “Like” button and share with…well everyone!  And join those viewing and following in now 17 different countries around the world.  So from my camera to yours, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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