3 Hour Photo Trip – Backyard Moon



Back home and in the backyard once again, and what a night.  Monica had went outside to the trash can and came back in telling me that I need to go outside and take a look at the sky.  I was actually almost done with one of my blogs, and told her that I’d be out in a few minutes.  And as you can see, what a sky indeed!

To get these kind of shots there is a lot of trial and error, at least for us anyways.  Actually, of all the books, tutorials, and videos we’ve read and watched, only one finally came out and said:  Here’s a good starting point for night shots, but ultimately its just going to take a few shots to get the exposure right for what you’re looking to capture.

Sometimes its difficult to capture with the camera what your eye is already seeing.  The blending of colors, shades, and even shapes.  But with the view we had, and a little practice in setting up these types of shots, I’m very pleased with the photos we were able to freeze in time.  The orange, red, brown, blue, and even gray and white – all blending together to create a very majestic night sky.

Some, like the featured photograph I chose, reminds me of an “end of time” type of scene.  You have the moon, light, clouds, and color, and behind and beyond that is total darkness.

So, it just goes to show us once again, that you don’t have to be in some far off foreign land or in some remote desolate location to get a great shot.  Sometimes, we just need to take the trash out and stop for a moment…look around…listen…and as always…Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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