3 Hour Photo Trip – Backyard Bumblebees





Here we are, and there’s no place like home!  I got home from work today, and it was sunny, bright, and not too hot for a change.  So I decided to go out and try to get some shots.  There wasn’t really any birds out and about, but I did find a couple of subjects to immortalize in my camera.

Subject number one was a few Bumblebees.  Right next to our pond are some Goldenrod plants, and buzzing all around was some gravity defying Bumblebees.  From the angle I had, the sun was over my right shoulder, which set up the shot perfectly.  It brightened up the goldenrod and made the bumblebees just “pop” in the picture.  Almost like it was planned, the black and yellow bumblebee is perfectly paired against the goldenrod and the blacked out background, like a match made in heaven.

My favorite is obviously the featured photograph.  Its almost looks like the bumblebee was superimposed onto the flower, but this is simply one of natures beautiful gifts.  I can only imagine that this is getting close to being one of the bumblebees last big meals.

Even though I’m in the south and it’s still pretty warm and nice outside, (yes, I’m rubbing that in a little), there’s always something good to see.  Make sure you press the “Like” button below, share with your friends and leave me a comment or two.  In the meantime, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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