3 Hour Photo Trips – Ripley Retriever


Our dog Ripley!  John Grogan, the real journalist the movie “Marley and Me” is about said this:  “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”  What an amazing incite and what a truthful statement.

This weekend, Monica and I took our maiden voyage in our “brand new to us” camper.  One of the main reasons we decided to get the camper, was so that we could bring our Ripley along with us on our 3 Hour Photo Trips.  Monday through Friday, she lives the statement that Grogan made:  “waiting for us to come home each day.”  So, tired of leaving her behind, we bought the camper, and what a great time we had all together.  We still got some great bird pictures, some with the Canadian Geese that Ripley actually helped us to get.  But no matter, the first camping trip was great, and having Ripley with us was a joy.

As a person dealing with PTSD, I really can’t tell you how much Ripley is a part of my life.  She knows when to get in my face and lick away, she knows when to just come up beside me and lean hard on me, and she knows how to make me laugh and for a moment just forget all the “crap” and laugh with her.

Monica was throwing the sticks here at Sardis Lake, farther and farther out, and Ripley just kept going after them, the Retriever in her was really coming out.  All three of us were having a blast!  And even though she was still a little wet, when we got back in my truck, watching her curl up and fall asleep on Monica’s lap filled my heart with love.  How blessed I am to have Monica in my life for the last 29 years, and Ripley for just 2 this Thanksgiving.

I’ll only take a moment to comment on just two of the above pictures.  I picked the feature photograph because, to me, it shows just how happy she was while retrieving the stick.  It’s as if she is almost smiling in this picture.  The second is what I call “Total Commitment.”  And I’m sure you can guess that’s the one where you can’t see anything of Ripley except the very tip of her tail in the wake of her dive to get the stick.

Often times I’m trying to post pictures worthy of National Geographic or the BBC, and my dream would be to have a photo I took make it to that level.  Ripley may not, or may be, the photo that get’s me on the cover of a magazine, (if that ever happens), but she will surely be a part of the team that got whatever photos make it out there…there.

Until next time, love and adore your spouse, love your dog as they love you…and Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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