3 Hour Photo Trip – Sardis Lake Birds


On our last day, of two days total, we got out early to see some of the birds.  We were fortunate enough to have some great weather, bright sunlight, and caught a few birds in the lens as well.

Before leaving the campsite, Monica looked up and saw this Red Headed Woodpecker in the tree right behind our camper.  I grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots.  It was still pretty dark under the tree top, but I was able to get a couple of good ones.  I especially like the one where it looks like he is still a little sleepy in the early morning, and just laying his head on the branch napping.  Even his eyes are closed.  I’m pretty sure that woodpeckers don’t sleep like this, but it’s a pretty neat thought.

Most professional photographers say that in wildlife shots, it makes for a better shot if the subject, in this case the woodpecker, can be caught with his head slightly turned away.  In these two pictures he cooperated and gave me both profiles, what a nice guy!  And they did turn out well.

The featured photograph and the last photo in the collage is of the White Pelican, and a Black Cormorant who decided to photo bomb the shot.  In both shots the sun was making the water a beautiful blue and just make the pelicans jump out in a bold vibrant effect.

In the next couple of weeks we are being forced to move…so I won’t have our little pond and all the trees in our backyard, that I’ve shared so many pictures of on my blog.  However, we were blessed to find another house out in the country that literally has what you would call a small lake and 56 acres of field and woods to patrol with my camera.  The owner said that this past spring there were baby ducks and geese that hatched right there all around the “lake.  So, be prepared for some “new” backyard pictures coming soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as much as we did taking them and being out there in nature.  If so, please click on the “Like” button below and then click on the “Follow” button as well.  And by all means, leave me a comment or two and be sure to share with your friends.  As always, get out there with me and “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”


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