3 Hour Photo Trips – Beautiful Bluebirds


Haven:  a place of safety and refuge; a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions.  This is Merriam Webster’s definition, and from what we came home to the other day after work, I would say that I agree and our backyard became a temporary Bluebird Haven.

Actually, when I got home there wasn’t much going on in the yard; except me throwing the frisbee with Ripley.  About half an hour later when Monica came home she told me there were a bunch of bluebirds all over the place.  So, of course I grabbed the camera and went out on the hunt, and it was very rewarding indeed.

The hard part was catching them in some good lighting, as it was already getting dark with the fall sun setting early.  You also have to realize the average size of an Eastern Bluebird is about 16–21 cm (6.3–8.3 in) long from beak to the end of their tail.  Their body and head is only about 7 cm (3 inches), so not a very large bird to try and capture in the cameras sights.

I hope you enjoy these Beautiful Bluebirds as much as we did.  They are one of my wife’s favorite birds and they made for a wonderful photo shoot.  If you liked the photos be sure to click the “Like” button below and by all means leave me a comment or two.  Share the page with all of your friends, and if you feel so inclined to purchase a print or two, let me know and I’ll get them right out to you.

Until next time from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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