3 Hour Photo Trips – Fruits of Fall

Leaf and spotted seedPersimmon Grouping

Ah fall, with all of its colorful sights and scents, a wonderful time of the year.  We have been moving for the last couple of weeks, as we have the benefit this time of just moving a load or two every night in the pickup truck, since we are only moving about a mile or so down the road.  So we haven’t had a lot of time to go on any 3 Hour Photo Trips recently, but I’ve tried to go outside and walk around at least once a day or so.  Some days, like on my last blog, you luck out and get a Blue Jay and a Cardinal in the same shot.  Other days, no birds, but there’s always something to pause and photograph.

This trip around the yard Monica was with me.  It was still pretty early, everything was damp and covered in dew and it created just a quiet and peaceful time.  In the back part of our yard, there are a lot of oak trees and pines; all of which are very mature trees.  In the first photo just below the title above, is a small round “fruit” of some kind.  I haven’t determined what this is, they were here all summer as well as now.  When you cut them open, they seem to be dried out and empty for the most part.  I haven’t seen them actually on trees, only on the ground.  Monica and I have looked them up and just can’t seem to figure out their identity.  If you know, please leave me a comment and let me know.

In the featured photo at the top, is one of natures sweetest offerings:  a ripe persimmon that has fallen off the tree.  Fortunately for me, the deer hadn’t found this one yet, so it was all mine.  Little is as sweet and tasty like a fresh ripe persimmon.  On the flip side, let me offer a “buyer beware” type of comment:  not much is more bitter and mouth drying than an unripe persimmon.  If it soft and mushy feeling, you are safe to indulge.  If it’s firm really at all, you’re better off passing it by.

In my last photo, we were next to the pond and found the a lifecycle of a fall persimmon. One that’s dead and dried out, one that’s almost dried out, and one that’s a little past ripe but still edible.

Spiderweb and Dew

This photo didn’t fit the “Fruits of Fall” motif of the blog, but it was taken the same morning and really captures the whole feeling of a fall morning.  Dew covered, damp, still a little cool out, and the sun just starting to peak out and warm things up.

This week two more countries were added as viewers of the blog, so welcome Poland and Malaysia!  Press the “Like” button below and leave me a comment, especially if you know what to call the spotted thing above.

So from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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