3 Hour Photo Trip – The New Place!



Well it has been a few weeks since my last blog. A lot has been happening. As you all knew, we had to move to a new home. So far it has been wonderful! The land is beautiful, there seems to be multiple animals around, although we haven’t seen too many birds. But we have seen rabbits (no pictures yet, they were all running from Ripley!), squirrels, deer, and some water birds: Mallards, Canadian Geese, and even a Killdeer. I’ve even been able to do a little fishing because of the warm southern temps, and have caught several small bass.

We seem to be in an internet black hole at our new address. We have been arguing with Comcast and every other internet service provider available, and to no avail. So, today, I’m typing out the blog at home and have actually found a public internet location to load up what I’ve typed and a few pictures.

The deer pictured above, and others that we have seen, have all been too far away to get a really good high detail photo, but since this was our first sighting, I still had to capture a photo of what I could. There were actually two that evening, what looked like a mother and a yearling. I haven’t seen a buck yet, but we have seen much larger footprints all around.

The squirrels were actually somewhat of a surprise. Typically now a days, you will only see gray squirrels, but we seem to have several much of these Fox Squirrels. If you’re not familiar with these Fox squirrels, they are much bigger (about twice the size), somewhat brown in color, but sow some black on there backs and face. I was able to get some good shots of this guy right in our backyard. They are actually through the window pane, so there was some detail lost, but the ones of him standing up still came out very good. The other squirrel that we have seen only once, looks very similar to this one, except his nose is pure white. It looks like he is carrying a marshmallow around in his mouth. I am desperately waiting to get a good shot of him.

All in all the new place has been fantastic and we are looking forward to many more exciting photo opportunities. Hopefully we will have internet service this week and I will be able to continue the blog with the photos we have of the other wildlife and water fowl.

Don’t forget to hit the like button below, share with all of your friends, and remember that Christmas is coming and a photo or two would make a wonderful gift for someone that enjoys wildlife. I have many photos in my storage, so if there’s something you are interested in and don’t see, please send me an email or a message of what it is, and I will get back to you immediately.

Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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