Wonderful Wild World – Goosed!


“Gooses!  Geeses!  I want my goose to lay golden eggs!”  If you’re old enough to remember the original Willy Wonka, you’ll recognize my opening line.  Not much hope of me finding a golden egg, but I did have a golden time photographing some of Canada’s finest.

Almost every morning we’ve seen a flock of geese on the pond.  The other morning I went out to start my truck to warm it up for work, and I counted 21 fly overhead and land just to my left.  I have no idea how to tell which are male and which are female, I really should look it up.  I imagine it is more of a behavior thing than appearance differences, when trying to determine their gender.  I guess it really doesn’t matter, as I’m sure they have it all figured out…lol.

The main problem with the geese flying in every morning, is that the light is never very good over the pond in the early morning hours.  This makes it difficult to get a bright, vivid, and those “jump off the page” photos, but getting a good shot of the beautiful nature around me is always a blessing.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on all of the details of getting a “great shot”:  ISO, shutter speed, F-stop, etc., because I just get caught up in watching the birds.  The geese are so powerful when they beat the air into submission on take off, yet so graceful and peaceful when they are just swimming around feeding and resting.  A true picture of nature:  powerful, graceful, beautiful, stoic, cautious, and yet at peace.

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Have a great time out in the nature around you, send me some of your best pics so I can share in your adventure.  In the meantime, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”



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