Our Wonderful World!

Icy View 1Icy View 2

It’s 17°F out on Tuesday morning, mid December.  Actually a much lower temperature than we should be having.  But what a beautiful frosted world this cold snap made for us to enjoy.

The combinations of the ice covered branches, frosted leaves and grass, and a very slow moving icy fog above the water, work together to create a “Winter Wonderland” to coin a seasonal phrase.  Monica was able to amazingly capture a couple of great photos of this cold paradise.  I showed them at work and someone said, “You get to wake up to this every morning!?”  I chuckled and said “Yeah.”  Later on, as I was putting these photos on my computer as part of the changing backgrounds, I thought about the question posed to me earlier:  “You get to wake up to this every morning?”  And I must say, I became overwhelmed with the thought of just how blessed I am to live in the midst of such wondrous beauty.

Some days there may be too much rain, or too much sunshine, or too much wind.  One morning you wake up and it should be 50° outside and it’s only 17°.  What do you do?  Go back to bed?  Stay inside and complain?  No.  Go outside and brave the rain, withstand the sunshine, lean into the wind, and stand fast in the icy coldness.  Why, because you might just miss the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen if you decide to stay inside.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and even more, I hope you “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”



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