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So for the past week or so, the weather has been less than nice.  Although the cold mornings were “brisk” to say the least, however, if you saw yesterday’s blog post you will know that we didn’t stop going out and getting some great shots.  The rain is a little more challenging…especially some of the torrential downpours we have been experiencing.  But this past Sunday, there was a break in the weather.  So just like us, the birds seemed to be very anxious to get out, look for something to eat, and it appeared to just enjoy the sunshine.  Not to mention, the gray squirrel in the featured photo, which was one of three that was frolicking around.

All of these shots were taken just behind the backyard.  There are about five pine trees and a cedar tree on the one side, a lane going back to the fields in the middle, and a row of pine trees on the other side just next to our pond.

The squirrels, even though there were three of them, were simply not being very cooperative for pictures.  Every time any one of them got somewhat out in the open, there always seemed to be something between my lens and my subject.  A theme that I kind of fought with several of my subjects.  In the end, Mr. Squirrel gave me a pretty decent shot.  There is some “nature” in front of him, but it makes for a good natural setting.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

The Eastern Bluebird on the other hand, was being very cooperative and photogenic.  A perfect profile, nice background, and bright bold colors – especially for a winter bird.  I’ve mentioned before that the Bluebird is one of Monica’s favorites, and it’s pretty easy to see why.  Over and over again I keep looking at this picture and just admire the simple elegance of one nature’s special gifts.

Then there’s the nervous little Nuthatch.  I have to say that these guys have been hard to nail down and get a good shot.  I would describe their demeanor as a combination of a woodpecker and a hummingbird.  They always seem to be on the side of tree (usually the opposite side I’m on) and then very quickly peeking out, maybe landing for a second, and then they are off again.  Even this shot, which is pretty good, is really not the best angle.  But, you have to take what they give you.

Lastly, was the Cedar Waxwing.  A truly beautiful bird:  the tan and brown that looks almost airbrushed on, the bright yellow stripe on the tip of their tail, the faint yellow underbelly, and the black mask it seems to be wearing.  It was almost as if the Bluebirds and the Waxwings were fighting for the best spot in the trees.  A Bluebird would fly to a tree followed by several other Bluebirds, and then the Waxwings would fly over to the same tree and make a ruckus.  And back and forth they seemed to keep going, taking turns on who was first and who was trying to chase the other away.

I’ll have some more pictures tomorrow, as it turned out to be a very good day of bird photography.  Tomorrow I’m double excited because we actually got a new species of bird to share with you all.

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