Our Wonderful World – Winter Birds

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As promised, here are tonight’s bird photos from this past Sunday.  As I said, there was finally a break in the cold and rain, and it was a very successful morning in getting some great shots.

Most of all, we were excited to add a new species to our bird list:  the Pine Warbler.  Can you guess which one is the Pine Warbler?  That’s right, the yellow green colored little bird caught sitting on the ground.  It wasn’t an obstacle free shot, kind of the theme for the morning that day, but once again, I’m calling them “Au Naturel” shots.  It’s really hard sometimes to determine exactly which warbler you’re seeing, because so many of them look so very similar.  As far as we can tell, this little guy is the Pine Warbler.  If you’re sure one way or the other, just leave a comment and let me know.  In any case, he’s a colorful beautiful little bird.

Next is the Carolina Chickadee.  There were a few of these just fluttering around all over the place.  I got a bunch of photo opportunities, but I settled on this one.  I think it examples perfectly the cold winter December weather on the birds.  A somewhat cold and gloomy looking sky in the background, the barren tree limbs, and the quaint black and white of the puffed up Chickadee.  It’s not a black and white photo, believe me, it is full HD color.  It is just the natural winter look.

In the featured photo is the illustrious Turkey Vulture.  Not a lot one can say about the “beauty” of this guy, but he no doubt serves a vital purpose in nature.  Even though they may not have the best reputation and have some rude defensive habits if they feel threatened, every single one of us would have to admit to staring up into the sky and watching these lazy gliders cruising along…wishing that we could be them, free and flying high.

Lastly, the common little House Sparrow.  There he was sitting on the top of his world.  What a great setting and a fun shot.  I guess if “His eye is on the sparrow”, then it’s good enough for us to gaze upon as well.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s photos, be sure to press the “Like” button and leave me a comment.  I haven’t heard any feedback either way on the new slideshow presentation, so if you can, leave me a comment on that as well.  Make sure to share our page with all your friends and relatives, and as always, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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