Our Wonderful World – Bobbin’ Robin

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The Paul Revere of springtime!  The signal that sunshine and warmth is ever so near!  Except when you live in the southern United States – then it is neither of those things, and is probably only passing through enjoying the warmer winter weather of the south.

Whatever the reason they were rummaging around in my backyard today when I got home for work today, it seems like it has been so long since we’ve had any sunshine and decent weather, I had to try and get a few photos before the sun went down completely.  If nothing else, I’m getting some practice at taking pictures in poor lighting, no sunlight, and the cold.

In spite of all the above, the red Robins were bob, bob, bobbin’ all around in the leaves trying to stir up some food.  Scratching, scraping at the ground, and throwing leaves out of their way.  I watched them for a while and didn’t see any of them with worms in their mouth (I was hoping for that shot) so they were either not having much luck or eating some small bugs.

They did afford me some nice poses, passing glances, and showed off their colorful rusty red breast.  All in all, not a bad half hour of relaxation after a long day’s work.  I hope you enjoyed the photos today, and make sure you press the “Like” button below and leave me a comment or two.

Like you, I’m looking forward to warm and sunny weather, until then, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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