Our Wonderful World – Talking Turkey

Well yesterday was Saturday, and per the standard course of weather lately, it was cold and raining. We decided to just stay in, thinking that nothing much would be out, and we really didn’t want to drive somewhere and just get cold and wet for nothing. I know, we got lazy.

However, the wildlife around our house proved us wrong. As you can see from the pictures above, several tom turkeys decided it was a great day to get out and about. You can see the rain coming down even in the pictures. All in all there were five male turkeys that were strutting their stuff. We didn’t see any hens, so I’m not sure who they were showing off for, so I’m thinking maybe they just wanted their pictures taken…lol.

They stayed pretty far away, which made it difficult to get any real detailed up close or cropped pictures. Like I said, it was rainy, overcast, and dreary. But we were able to get a few good pics. I especially like the “group” photos of all five birds. They look like something that would look amazing printed out and hanging in your office or study…hint, hint.

About an hour after the turkeys made their appearance, our pond was inundated by a flock of Canada Geese. We usually have these geese on the pond almost every day, but today they were very active. This story and the accompanying photos will be on tomorrows blog, so that’s all I can say today about them.

Be sure to hit the “Like” button below, share the page with all your friends, and leave me a comment or two. We found a place to print the photos on metal as well as regular canvas or the tile squares. I must say, the metal prints look amazing. If you’re interested, please leave me a comment.

So, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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