Our Wonderful World – Terrific Towhees

The Eastern Towhee: probably one of the most recognizable bird calls you will ever hear. They literally say their name…”tow-whee.” They are usually very active in calling and foraging in the morning and later in the evening, but they can be found out and about almost any time during the day.

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve previously stated, we have had some pretty poor photography weather. Today was no exception. It was raining off and on, very overcast and gloomy looking, and the forecast was for continued overall worsening throughout the day. There was even a chance of snow in the forecast – and we live in the south!

So, not succumbing to defeat that easily, my wife came up with a pretty good idea. In our laundry room there is a window that faces directly toward our bird-feeders and two different areas of bushes containing some berries. It is a very popular place for our winter birds and today was no different. We had Towhees, White Crowned Sparrows, Goldfinch, and House finch all taking turns at the feeder and in the berries.

In the above pictures you can tell that the Towhee seemed to like the berries more than the feeders. It looks like he bit off a little more than he can chew, but I assure you, he did not. Between the berry picking and being on the ground scratching around, they stayed busy most of the morning.

So, never say die. If the weather door seems to have closed on your photography day, just stay inside and open a window. In the following blogs I’ll be sharing the other birds of our backyard, that were photographed from the comfort, warmth, and dryness of my laundry room.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful and boldly colorful photos the Eastern Towhee. In the midst of a rainy day, they were a welcomed distraction indeed. Be sure to hit the “Like” button below and share my page with all your friends. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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