Our Wonderful World – Coming in for a Landscape

Since I became interested in photography on a serious level, I’ve discovered two things. I’ve actually learned much more than two things, but for the today, I’ll stick to these two thoughts.

Almost immediately upon getting my camera, I had these dreams of getting “The Shot.” The most amazing, the most incredible, the most unbelievable, best timed…you get the idea…picture of all time. Whether it is a Great Blue Heron or a tiny Carolina Chickadee, every photographer wants to get that super shot. However, if you’re not careful, the whole time you’re on the hunt for “The Shot” you may just miss some other great shots along the way.

I can most definitely fall into this trap, and regularly still do. More often than not when on the trail of some bird call or bird sighting, I can be found with my head up in the air focused on the tree limbs, and walk right by a unique tree, a beautiful flower, or some other inanimate photo opportunity. Thankfully my wife has a terrific eye for just those things.

The twisted tree trunk above, the plate-like fungi on the tree, the tiny white fungi on the branches, the leaning mossy green trees, or the cluster of small green fungi, and bubbling water and rocks, all are great photos that my eye tends to skip over. Yet, any of these photos would make a great background for an inspirational office poster or a beautiful and artistic landscape for your living room.

So, as a wise person once said (probably a photographer): “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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