Our Wonderful World – Bird Accessories

Often in our human existence we have to accessorize. It may mean a nice watch, or a gold necklace, the perfect pair of shoes, or that once in a lifetime perfectly styled haircut.

Unfortunately in the animal world, going to the store to accessorize is not an option. They are pretty much stuck with what they are born with and can do very little to change their appearance. However, nature takes pretty good care of its own. Just take a look at these lovely specimens.

How about the female Cardinal. With her red tufted crest, the contrasting of reds, tans, blacks, and whites…she really doesn’t need any other accessories to draw attention.

Then there’s the tiny Carolina Chickadee. There’s and old saying that says, “Big things come in small packages.” The little Chickadee has what we humans might call a very sporty look. It looks like he is wearing a ball cap and sporting a heavy five o’clock shadow. Very country dapper.

Lastly the Dark Eyed Junco. Many a lady has tried to dazzle those watching by wearing a mink fur around their neck and shoulders. Well the lovely little Junco gets to show off it’s slate colored covering everyday and everywhere.

Okay, maybe this blog was pushing the limits of anthropomorphism, but it’s true nonetheless. Mother Nature has a wonderful way of making perfect accessories for her little creatures.

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