Our Wonderful World – Shoot the Moon!

Shoot the moon! Possibly a phrase with as many meanings as the moon has craters. It could be a movie title from the 80’s, it could be a metaphor about taking chances, it may mean to go for the win as much as you can, or it may be something a little more (shall we say) revealing.

Well, tonight, it is simply about taking pictures of the moon itself. The featured photograph above was the early start of the blood wolf moon from the 20th. The contrast of the regular white/gray of the moon at the top, against the darkness below mixed with a hint of the reddish-orange just beginning to show, actually made this one of my favorites from that night.

The second picture of the moon, obviously in the height of the blood moon eclipse, is simply breathtaking. With a slightly longer exposure than may have been required, which is why the top of the moon is whited out, I was able to really bring out the colors and craters of the rest of the moon below. What turned out a surprise to me is the faint blue area between the blood red part and the overexposed white part. I’m sure that there is some scientific reason as to why it is there, but for me, it’s enough to just look at it in awe.

These types of eclipses certainly don’t happen that often, but guess what, there’s a full moon every month, as well as all of the other phases of the moon. Monica was out last night and captured a couple of great shots of the moon. I love the way it looks like the tree in the foreground seems to be holding up the moon, and in the other it’s like the moon is being cradled by the tree. Terrific use of the foreground.

So take your camera out tonight and snap off a few pictures of your night sky and “Shoot the Moon” yourself. Press the “Like” button below and the “Follow” link, and don’t forget to leave me a comment about your mooning experience, lunarly speaking of course.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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