Our Wonderful World – An Airbrushed Bird

What is fast becoming one of my favorite songbirds is the Cedar Waxwing. This perfectly decorated little bird has it all: a mischievous looking mask, bright yellow underside with the matching bright yellow/orange tips on their tail feathers, the cute little quaff of hair on the top of their head, and the bright orange waxy feathers on their wings which becomes their namesake.

Today’s mixture of pictures all come from a trail we found along the Wolf River Greenway in Collierville, TN. The trail was developed by a group of Eagle Scouts and starts just behind the church of the Holy Apostles, and a fine job they have done. Chalk another one up for the Boy Scouts.

I find it difficult to describe these beautiful Waxwings, without sounding like one of those art critics or something. Their beauty is quaint, yet very elegant. To me they look like a bird that has been professionally designed by an airbrush artist. Everything just flows together so softly, blends perfectly, and has those touches of what appears to be almost fluorescent in color.

I hope that you have enjoyed these Airbrushed Birds as much as Monica and I did today when we stumbled across a multitude of them. We literally have in the area of about 100 photos of these today, and it was very difficult to narrow it down to a few for the blog.

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As always, from my camera to yours…”Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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