Our Wonderful World – Macromazing

Macro photography: taking big pictures of small things. This has become one of Monica’s interests. I’m not 100% positive if these pics are “true” macro photography images, but I love the multiple textures presented and the different angles and framing used in these shots. Not to mention the boldness of the colors and even the “imperfections” in nature that are found.

On our nature hike yesterday, in addition to the birds we photographed, Monica was scouting the forest floor for various close up opportunities. The images with snow in them were actually taken right around our house early that morning before we left for the hike.

My favorite things about these photos is the way she was able to capture all of the different textures in one shot. The soft mossy greens contrasted with the dry leaves, sticks, and snow. The vibrant burnt orange tree fungi against the bright blue sky. The pure white snow gingerly laying on the magenta left over fall leaf. The sharp points of the pine cone sticking out from the cone itself. The ice cold smooth glass balls that appear to make the lingering snow almost jagged in contrasting appearance.

The bold colors as well stand out in vibrant opposite. The bright red winter berries attached to the barren brown sticks. The orange mushroom (or toadstool, not sure) striking out next to the dead log.

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From my camera to yours, get out there, and “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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