Our Wonderful World – Unexpected Art

Usually my blogs have a theme: Cedar Waxwings, flowing water, backyard birds, etc. I had a few pictures left from our last trip to the Wolf River Greenway, that didn’t really seem to fall into a “group” category. Then it hit me. They don’t fit into a normal theme, but they DO fit into a broader theme: Photography Art.

One of the fun things about nature and wildlife photography is that you just never know what a hike in the woods, a walk on the beach, or a night under the stars may offer you. In the feature photo at the top, you will notice what appears to be somewhat of a “beach” scene. Along the river trail that we were walking, the Boy Scouts that blazed the trail decided to put in a couple of small beach areas. Very unexpected along the river, but a unique and artistic photo op nonetheless. I love the ripples in the sand, and how something designed to be soft on the feet can have the appearance of something rigid and worn.

The bent tree, it’s not really broken, it’s just…bent. Again, a photo that falls in the gap. Not really landscape, not macro, there’s no wildlife on it or around it…so what is it? Natural Art. One can look at this bent tree and relate it so easily to life. We weather the storms, we grow, we struggle and fight, and at times we simply bend amidst the wind. We may not break, hopefully, but everyone bends. The art provided by this natural photo op, reminds me of just that.

I won’t take the time to completely provide a narrative to each photo as I normally do, because “art” should do that on it’s own. Often times that Artist may give the work a title that may lead the viewers in the direction the artist intends, so I will attempt to do just that as well.

Working down through the last four pictures from top to bottom, here are “titles” I might give: 1) There’s Always A Way. 2) The Grass is Always Greener. 3) The Old and the New. 4) The Bridge. Leave me a comment and share how these photos spoke to you.

You might look at these same photos and see something totally different and that’s the beautiful thing about nature and wildlife photography. As I stated in the very beginning of this blog…you just never know what a visit in the wonderful world around you might bring. A good friend of mine (kudos Roy Dye) always says that a good photograph should make the viewer feel like you did when you were there taking the picture. It should make them feel like they are right there or that they “want” to be there.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that you felt “there” with me. Hit the “Like” button below, be sure to hit the “Follow” link, and leave me a comment from the new contact page. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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