Our Wonderful World – House Guests

So far this year the weather has not been very helpful for taking outdoor pictures of small birds and wildlife. That being said, this past weekend was amazing. I’ve already shared our Wood Duck and Red Shouldered Hawk pictures but today’s theme is of our local little red house guest…the lovely House Finch.

The House Finch has been seen at bird feeders no doubt for as long as there has been bird feeders. They are usually one of the first birds that arrive at your feeder the very day you set it outside. They are often confused with the Purple Finch, yet once you see a Purple Finch next to a House Finch, the difference is glaringly obvious. In fact, for an interesting side note, because of the prolific increase in House Finch population, they are actually detrimental to the continued success of the Purple Finch. So much for “Birds of a Feather.”

In any case, Monica captured several very colorful photos of our red feathered house guests. In most of the pictures above, it looks like all of their throat feathers are ruffled and kind of messy. What is actually the case is catching them while they were singing. All of these males were taking advantage of the early warm weather and bright sun, and were making all kinds of calls – no doubt to impress the local lady birds. Their calls and songs, their fluttering about, and flashing their bright colors most certainly had to make an impression on any of the female persuasion that were about.

See female picture below:

Right in the middle of this manly bird testosterone filled opera…notice her response. Fast asleep. These little guys are giving it their all and little Missy could seemingly care less. Although, considering the aforementioned overpopulation problem…I doubt this is an ongoing situation.

In any case, what commonly beautiful birds. Get outside and enjoy whatever is around you, from the frequent and common to the rare and spectacular. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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