Our Wonderful World – We’ve Got The Blues

Often around this time of the year, in the dreary coldness of winter, people experience a somewhat unexplained depression…the winter blues. Medically, doctors have figured out what causes this, how to treat it, and given it a very scientific type of name.

This article has nothing to do with all of that stuff. The blues that I’m referring to is of course the Eastern Bluebird. This past Sunday we had quite a few to be exact. They were flying from tree to tree, over our pond almost skimming the water, scratching around on the ground, basically you pointed to a place and there was either a Bluebird there, on the way there, or just leaving.

The above pictures were taken by my wife Monica, and she nailed it on these Bluebirds. There’s the solo and calm shots; like the featured photo at the top and the female Bluebird in the tree with her mouth open (purely coincidence I’m sure…lol). Then there is the incredible action shots of those blue winged beauties fighting over the best spot to see and be seen.

For such bright and wonderful looking birds, it was in striking contrast to see them fighting with each other all over the back yard. I guess the 75+ degree temperature for the weekend, the bright sunshine and matching blue sky, was just too much for them. They spent the afternoon all a twitter for about an hour or two, just singing away and continuing to fight over the best spot. And as fast as they came in, they all left just as fast.

Once again nature teaches us something very important: enjoy the moment you are in, because in an instant it can be gone as fast as it came. Please take a moment and press the “Like and Follow” button at the bottom and leave me a comment or two about the pictures. I hope this weekend is as “productive” as last weekend, but I did learn the lesson from the Bluebirds: I will enjoy each moment I’m given.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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