Our Wonderful World – Blooming Photos

I don’t know what it may be like in your neck of the woods, but here in the south, spring has sprung. At least it’s “springing” a little for right now. Spring is officially a little over a month away, arriving March 20th, but this week we have already seen some lovely blossoms.

Myself, I will refer to them by their scientific names: pink ones, yellow ones, and white ones. I figure this will make it very easy to tell which one is which. Seriously, from what my wife is telling me and from what I can gather from Google, here is what we have photographed.

The pink flowers are Quince. They have actually been out for a couple of weeks. They popped out after the first warm spell, and given the winter dullness all around, they were a sight for sore eyes. Unfortunately for them, the cold nights and frost have taken a toll on them, but they have still maintained most of their spring beauty.

The small white flowers are, as far as we can tell, a White Hedgerow Rose. Not a 100% sure on this one, so if you are sure of what they are, please leave a comment below for all to see, and thank you in advance. In any case, they are very lovely and make a nice early addition to the flowers around the back yard.

The last ones are the easiest, Daffodils. One of the most recognizable early spring and even late winter warm spell bloomers. I can remember our kids getting so excited at the sign of Daffodils because they knew at that time that spring and warm weather were just around the corner. To be honest, I still get excited when I see them bloom for the exact same reason.

I hope where ever you are reading this, no matter which one of the many countries represented, that your flowers are blooming as well. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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