Our Wonderful World – By the Numbers Duck

Back when I was a kid, I used to love getting those paint by the number kits. You had two options, you could paint by the numbers and colors they gave you to make a copy of a masterpiece, or you could set your own colors to the numbers and create something original. It may be good, it may not be, but you were kind of “forced” to follow the numbering code to make the creation.

The Wood Duck, appears to be nature’s Paint by the Number animal. It is divided up into various sections, and it is almost like the sections are numbered to be a specific color. If someone told you that a bird was going to have beige, purple, black, white, green, orange, magenta, red, and yellow all on the same bird…you’d probably imagine a kaleidoscope of a mess. However, the Wood Duck defies all of that and comes out looking simply amazing. All of those colors placed perfectly and combine to make a beautiful palette.

We took these photos on our trip to Baton Rouge, house hunting for my transfer. We will be a lot closer to the coast and will hopefully be able to see all kinds of new species of birds, let alone alligators (which we’ve already seen in the wild), and all sorts of lizards and snakes.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful Wood Ducks and that you take notice of each and every minute detail, even down to the water droplets on them. They gave me some pretty good profile shots, I jokingly said that any of these Wood Duck photos would make a good stamp for the Post Office. We have been looking for a photo to enlarge to a canvas to hang on our wall, and these Wood Ducks are definitely in the running…or waddling as it were.

Don’t forget to press the “Like and Follow” buttons below and share rmgoldsmithphotography.com with all of your friends. A lot more pics to follow from our trip to Baton Rouge, just waiting on getting internet at the house to post more of them. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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