Our Wonderful World – Bald Wonders

The official symbol of the United States of America. An everlasting symbol of strength, courage, determination, and freedom. On top of all that…it is one beautiful bird and of all the raptors of the world it is by far the most famous.

These are all Bald Eagles of Louisiana. For some reason I was under the impression, unlearned as it was, that Bald Eagles mainly inhabited the northern colder regions in America. To my surprise they are actually quite prevalent here in Cajun country.

Every time I see one of these birds, I’m like a young child getting a puppy. For the Eagle sitting on the top of the tree, we were actually driving down a gravel road along a levee. We rounded the curve and there he was, perched and posed just waiting for a picture to be taken. I yelled and slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the truck and began clicking away.

Later that same day, I saw one flying around and it was the same thing. Slammed on the brakes in the gravel, jumped out and began snapping photos. It wasn’t as bright and sunny as a photographer would like, it rarely is, but the shots came out pretty good anyways.

Another beautiful bird, another majestic creature…have I become numb to it and unimpressed, no way. I hope you feel the same way as you look at these photos. Be sure to press the “Like” and “Follow” buttons below and leave me a comment or two.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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