Our Wonderful World – Baby Season

Last weekend we were visited by our two daughters, shout out to Stephanie and Ashley! As part of their visit, we took them to Avery Island. On a side note, Dad wasn’t the only one that thought the Scorpion Tabasco sauce was too hot.

Ok, back to the birds. We must have timed it just right. We were able to get some great shots of some of the cutest and strangest hatchlings I’ve ever seen: baby Great White Egrets. On one hand these little babies are so cute and adorable its almost breath taking. On the other hand, you look at them and at first glance they look like small, half-feathered dinosaurs. However, I tend to lean more toward the “cute” factor.

It was amazing watching the parents of these little guys taking turns flying off to the shore line and shallow areas, spearing and gobbling fish down, then rushing back to the nest to feed the young. Over and over the routine played out, turn after turn Mom and Dad fly off and faithfully return to feed their young.

This is one of the largest gatherings of Egrets, or rookery, in America. It is most definitely worth the trip to see all of the adult Egrets in breeding plumage, and the babies are just icing on the “white” cake…pun intended.

I hope you enjoyed these somewhat rare photos of some baby Egrets. I know I will never forget being there and the amazing sight it was to behold. Be sure to click on the “Like” and “Follow” buttons below and leave me a comment of what you thought about these babies. Were they “cute” or do they appear to be more of a throwback to the prehistoric age?

Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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