Our Wonderful World – Raving Reptiles

From Anoles to Turtles we have a few unique shots of some scaly friends. The Green Anole in the top two photos are actually from right in our backyard. Monica was able to get these during the day, and as you can tell from the first photo, Mr. Anole was putting on quite a show for the the smaller female Anole just a few feet away. He was dancing around and flaring out his chin flap, trying his hardest to impress his hopeful liaison.

The next two shots were taken on our second trip to Avery Island. My wife, who definitely does not like snakes, saw this one in a dark spot of thick leaves and grass, eating what appears to be a frog. The odd thing about it is, that in the first picture it looks like a cricket leg hanging out of the snake’s mouth. In the second picture the snake was definitely regurgitating a frog. These two shots were only seconds apart. My only guess is the frog was eating the cricket and the snake decided to then eat the frog. The circle of life indeed.

The last three shots were of some turtles – and thankfully they weren’t eating anyone. The first shot is again from our trip to Avery Island. These two were just out relaxing a catching some rays. The last two shots were of the same tiny little turtle. This little one was only as big as a .50 cent piece. He too appeared to be just sunning himself a little.

Beauty and nature can be found everywhere. Maybe in century’s old swamps or even your own backyard. As always, be sure to follow my blog so that you don’t miss out on any great shots, and press the “Like” button and leave me a comment or two.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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