Our Wonderful World – Snowy White

These lovely birds are called Snowy Egrets. No doubt they are named for their pure white look, pure as the driven snow, I believe is how the old adage goes. Even here in the swampy area of Rip’s Rookery, surrounded by multiple other birds, turtles, alligators, and mud…these smaller white Egrets maintain their namesake.

There is one noticeable oddity with these white birds, their feet. Bright orange-yellow to be exact. Egrets typically have dark legs and feet, yet the Snowy Egret definitely has broken that mold. Their feet do make it very easy to correctly identify the Snowy Egret, compared to other white egrets to include the Cattle Egret and even the Great White Egret.

For just one trip to Rip’s Rookery we were able to photo so many different types of birds in one day, it is simply an amazing place. It’s a magical place indeed for wildlife photographers. In my next blog, I’ll step away from the birds for a moment and focus on yet another “monster” photographic opportunity we had at Rip’s Rookery.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful Snowy Egrets and if you do, be sure to press the “Like and Follow” buttons below. Please share the page with all of your friends and leave me a comment or two. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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