Our Wonderful World – Biting Nature

As promised, I’m stepping away from the birds tonight to a “monster” wildlife photo opportunity. Obviously, I’m speaking of these prehistoric creatures: the alligators. And Rip’s Rookery has plenty of them.

With just a casual stroll around the pond and rookery, while photographing and watching birds, you need to be careful because you too are being watched. We have seen many alligators in our short time here in Louisiana, but at Rip’s Rookery we have seen the largest so far. A few of these were pushing 10 to 12 feet, by my uneducated eye.

Still, in all of their fierce appearance, there is a beauty as well. In nature, there is always a balance, the “circle of life” to quote a Disney movie. These alligators provide one side of that balance. Turtles, Egrets, fish, though they may be more beautiful to look at, pale in comparison to the alligators boldness and strength. In any case, I find these reptiles to be beautiful in their own way. Their strength, their stealthiness, and even those rows of teeth…all magnificent.

Please enjoy the photos above and by all means, let me know how much you enjoy them by leaving me a comment or two, or pressing the “Like” button below. Make plans this weekend to get out there. Wherever you are, I guarantee that there is someplace near to you that you could visit and see some amazing wildlife yourself. Until then, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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3 thoughts on “Our Wonderful World – Biting Nature

  1. Whoa! Look at those teeth! Great shots 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! They were awesome to see in person.


  2. Thanks! They were pretty amazing to see. Got to be careful though, they are wild. But cool to see up close.


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