Our Wonderful World – Warbling!

Yesterday, despite the calls for thunderstorms, we left out on a photo journey once again. It had been a pretty long week for me at work, and the thought of getting out and being “one with nature” as they say, was extremely inviting. So, even though we got a late start, Monica and I headed down the road to Tickfaw State Park. These photos, though, are not from Tickfaw. We drove all the way there, got to the park gates, and there is a small handwritten sign: Park Closed because of flooding, will reopen 5-20-19…Monday…when I have to go back to work. Bummer.

So to Google we go! Just down the road a ways, we found Joyce Wildlife Management area Swamp Walk. Sounded like it was just up our alley. It was merely just a small pull off and a gravel parking spot large enough to hold about 10 cars. But once on the boardwalk, it was beautiful.

The thunderstorm never came, and the cloudy sky provided some nice protection from the sun and the soaring humidity. However, for photography, the overcast sky inside the swamp canopy, made for its own challenges.

On the walk in, we kept hearing the loudest bird calls all around us. Not very high in the trees, more mid-level. A loud straight whistle. Click here for a sound bite of what we were hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX2F8JT0vfo . I knew it had to be a Warbler of some kind, but wasn’t sure which one. All we had was the sound, and a glimpse or two of a shadow flying between the multitude of leaves.

On the way out, we came to a sitting area and no one else was around us at the time. We heard the calls very loud and close by, so we decided to just stop and sit for a while, in hopes that they might fly close enough for some good shots. It paid off, as you can see above.

These medium sized songbirds, probably large for Warblers, began coming in close. Both Monica and I began getting off some shots. Again with the overcast sky and the thick swamp canopy from the cypress trees, made it difficult to capture good shots. If you know anything about Warblers, you know that they don’t stay put in one place but just a second or two at the most.

When we were taking the pictures, I thought they were eating berries or seeds from the pine and cypress trees. During post processing, I discovered it was a spider and some grub looking things they were eating. Sorry for the insects, but I’m glad they happen to be in the trees we stopped under. Probably why the warblers were in that area in the first place.

I’m always amazed at how beautiful nature can be, in both appearance, color, sight, and sound. These Prothonotary Warblers are just another perfect example. I hope that you absolutely enjoy these photos as much as we did seeing the birds and looking at these photos ourselves. Be sure to press the “Like and Follow” buttons because it really helps me out. Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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