Our Wonderful World – Technicolor

Tuesday we were invited to join the Lafayette Photography Club on their trip to White Lake Wildlife Management Area, shout out to Cheri for the invite. What an incredible day. The weather was perfect, there was a boat ride through the marsh, an informative presentation about the White Lake WMA, and multiple opportunities to take some photographs.

Upon arrival, we all loaded up onto a large covered pontoon boat. We had about a 10 minute ride to the lodge. There we changed into smaller boats, and began our journey through the marsh. We had some strict time constraints, so the marsh boat tour turned out to be too difficult to get any good camera shots, but my mind is filled with the many pictures and memories.

After lunch and the presentation is when the real photography time began. They ferried us across the waterway to a levy. On the other side of the levy is a small rookery filled with Roseate Spoonbills, Great White Egrets, and several Ibis. Surrounding the island rookery, is a mote like area of marsh water, lily pads, and the next bird on our “bucket list” to capture with our cameras: the Purple Gallinule.

I watched them walk, pick, and scrape around the marsh…earning their nickname as the “Swamp Chicken.” However it’s their color that is the most amazing. Purple Gallinules combine cherry red, sky blue, marsh green, aquamarine, indigo, violet, and school-bus yellow, a color palette fit for any artist. One look at the pictures above, and you can see why these birds were on our most wanted list.

I hope you enjoy these shots even half as much as we did the day at White Lake WMA. Make sure to press the “Like and Follow” buttons below and don’t forget to leave me a comment or two while you’re here. Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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