Our Wonderful World – Fantasic Flora

On our trip to White Lake Wildlife Management Area, not only did we get to see a myriad of birds and even a splashing alligator or two, we were privy to some of the most beautiful scenery and flowers that you could imagine. I’m not sure if a marsh and swamp are “technically” different, but after you have been to both, I believe they are most certainly.

During the boat ride through the marsh, while I was trying to find some bird life to capture, and coming up empty-handed for the most part, Monica was able to photo some stunning landscape shots and a multitude of flowers. I’ve told her so many times, that she has a much better eye than I do for landscape and scenery than I do, and with these photos it is even more evident. I’m glad she does, because often I find myself looking so hard for animal life, I miss a lot of the natural beauty right in front of me.

In the marsh, you can almost get overwhelmed with the green leaves, the brackish water, and the waterfowl. But in the midst of the green that is everywhere, are some of the most beautiful flowers you will find anywhere. Bold reds, bright yellows, magenta, blues, every color of the rainbow. One of my favorites in the above, is a cluster of small blooms on the same stem that contains almost all of the colors I just mentioned.

One of the greatest things about photography is the ability to freeze in time the object in front of your lens. The above landscapes and flowers are perfect examples. The truly are the “Bold and the Beautiful.”

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Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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