Our Wonderful World – Random Wildlife

Last weekend, we spent a few hours at Fontainbleau Lake and North Lake. Typically we are on the prowl for birds, but inevitably when you are in such beautiful places, all sorts of things end up in front of your camera lens. This days trip was no exception: rabbits, wild hogs, cypress trees, and much more.

One of my favorite shots of the day was one Monica took…yes I’m jealous. She stood under a tree canopy and took a wonderful sunburst picture (see above). The combination of the dark shadows of the foliage, the bluest sky you could imagine, and then the sun rays coming through, was simply a great composition of our blog title: Our Wonderful World.

At the exit of the boardwalk and trail, heading back towards the parking lot, I spied one of the largest rabbits I’ve ever seen. They are referred to as Swamp Rabbits. Basically they are Cottontail rabbits, but have adapted to swampy marsh type areas, are significantly larger than northern Cottontails, and will actually take to the water and swim. I can only imagine how many of these end up as “hossenfeffer” for the alligators.

Which brings me to the last of the above pictures, the alligators. We have been able to see so many since our move down to Baton Rouge, but we sure haven’t grown tired of seeing and photographing them. From the young small ones with their tiger like markings, to the much older, larger, and darker gators. They are truly an amazing creature to watch, giving them their rightful distance and respect.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and our plans are to head out again to the swamps. We are thinking about Tickfaw state park or heading down to Laprienne Park in New Orleans. New Orleans also has a great city park and an area called Bird Island. We’ve never been to Bird Island, as our trip there last year found the area closed because the entire Island was being decorated for Halloween. No matter where we decide to go, we will eventually make it to all of these areas sooner or later.

I truly hope you enjoy these pictures and the stories behind them. Don’t forget to check out our home page at rmgoldsmithphotography.com. Take some time and scroll through the past blogs and check out all of our photos. Remember, they are for sale and you could help us out tremendously by making a purchase. Simply send me a message, email, or comment. They make great portraits all the up to large canvases, which we have in our home. Also, don’t forget to click the “Like and Follow” buttons below. And a big “Welcome” to my newest viewer from Croatia!

If you ever have any questions about where we were exactly, what camera gear we use, how we prepare for our photo trips, or whatever, just click on the comment button below or send me a message from our homepage, and we’ll be glad to answer.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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3 thoughts on “Our Wonderful World – Random Wildlife

  1. Great pictures. Love the wild life you capture…Amazing!


    1. Thanks! We had to move back to Ohio to take care of my Dad, he’s in hospice. Haven’t been out for a while.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry to hear that. Family first the outside world will always be there waiting.

        Liked by 1 person

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