Our Wonderful World – Cowan Lake, 2

Cowan Lake is for the birds! Even though I grew up traipsing all around Cowan Lake, I really didn’t know where to go for some good bird photography. I’ve done a lot of Carp fishing there and could take you to several good spots for that, but bird photography…not so much. But we kind of lucked out.

In Louisiana we were fortunate enough to photograph some amazing birds: Roseate Spoonbills (our favorite), Purple Gallinules, Bald Eagles, and a lot of Warblers. One bird that was on my list to photograph down there was the Osprey. We never got to see them along the gulf coast or along the Mississippi, but low and behold, they are now 15 minutes away from home.

It was a very clear morning and a blue sky was in the making. However, it was still a little early for really good lighting, to get these fast moving avian predators in action. So these are not my “normal” crystal clear pictures that I usually post, but they are such a beautiful and effective predator, I had to share what I was able to capture.

These birds soar along high above the water and scan the surface looking for an unsuspecting fish to attack. And when I say “attack” I mean just that, they pull their wings back and dive bomb straight into the water talons first. Usually their entire body is under the water, and then they surface and just take right off with a fish pierced by several talons. Their is no escape.

I will be much more prepared on my next trip to get some crystal clear shots, and hopefully some of the Osprey diving down to grasp some fish. It had been almost two months since I took a picture and I felt like I was starting over again trying to keep focus and hold that large Nikon 200-500mm lens steady, but it is definitely coming back once again.

In the next blog, I’ll show some of the shots we got of the Blue Herons as they were in and out of the Lilies all morning. So until next time, I hope you enjoy the amazing Osprey. From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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