Our Wonderful World – Cardinals and Chickadees

The above slideshow was taken last week during my “off week” from work. I’m back to work this week, albeit half days, but hoping for things to quickly get back to normal for all of us.

Well, as the title suggests, the pictures today are of a couple of common, but rather quite opposite birds. The Cardinal is somewhat the royalty of backyard birds. Larger than most of the others, louder than most of the others, and certainly brighter than most. The Chickadee on the other hand is one of the smallest, flits around somewhat nervously, but does have a rather unique call: as it repeats it own given name.

No matter how many pictures I take of a Cardinal, I still get excited when they are posed like these. Bright spring breeding colors, a perfect blue sky, and that early morning sunlight brightly shining, bringing to life all of the colors. Even the ground around the Cardinal or the backdrop, creates an artistic contrast all on its own.

The Chickadee, at least out in the wild and not on a feeder, is somewhat of a challenge. Small, more or less black and white, and it doesn’t like to sit still for much more than just a second, makes it difficult to capture a clear shot. I especially enjoyed catching him on the limb with buds just starting to come out on the branch. Again, with that perfect blue sky in the background, and fresh green spring buds, the deep black of his eye, makes for once again, that artistic look that only nature can provide on her own.

I hope you enjoy the photos and maybe during this unusual time of being on “lock down” they bring a ray of sunshine into your day – as they most certainly did mine. Until next time, from my camera to you, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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