Our Wonderful World – Terrific Tanagers

Summer is definitely not here in Ohio yet, but the Summer Tanager’s are here for sure! As I sit and type it is a whopping 44° F, still too cold for this “southernfied” Buckeye, but despite the cold weather hanging around, we did get some great shots of a beautiful summer bird – the Summer Tanager.

We were walking some trails at East Fork Lake, when Monica spotted the above wonder of color. When we were taking the photos, I was sure it was the Summer Tanager, one of Monica’s favorites. He was a great Mother’s Day gift indeed. However, when I got home and began the editing process, I became uncertain. Summer Tanagers are typically all red with some black on their wings, and this bird definitely didn’t fit that description. After some research, Monica discovered that there can be some variations in color to include the yellow markings as seen in the Tanager we found. And for the record, this variant is stunning.

Even though the temperature was on the cool side, in the 50’s, the sun was out bright and provided some great lighting for photography. Literally I could have posted about 20 pictures of this colorful little guy, but I guess the ones above will suffice. Even as I type this out, I’ve enjoyed scrolling back to the top to look at the pictures again and again.

We didn’t get to walk many of the trails and there seems to be a lot more to see around the lake, so another road trip will definitely be in the works as the weather warms. There is a wetland preserve area that we only drove by, and some bird watching areas marked on the map as well, so for sure there will be a lot more bird photos to be had here at East Fork Lake.

I hope you enjoy the colorful photos above of this amazing Summer Tanager. Make sure to press the “Like” button below, and if you haven’t done it yet, press the “Follow” button to be notified of new pictures and blogs immediately. Also, don’t forget to leave me a comment about the photos, the blog, or even your story about Summer Tanagers.

Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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