Our Wonderful World – Don’t Take It For Granted

Often as photographers we’re always looking for that amazing “once in a lifetime” shot. However, in that search if we’re not careful we will miss a lot of beautiful things along the way. Like any bird and nature photographer I have a couple of dream lists. One is a list of things that I may actually have a chance in seeing and photographing: the Roseate Spoonbill was on the top of that list last year and I was able to scratch that one off the list. On that list now would be a Sandhill Crane, a Painted Bunting, and a Bear, to name a few.

Another list would be things that would be amazing, but probably unlikely for me to get a chance in the wild to photograph. African safari animals, all of the unusual animals that make up Australia, and Puffins and Penguins. Not impossible but improbable.

Locally, here in Ohio, there’s a lot of birds and other wild life that I still need to photograph, but I never want to be too focused on that “one” shot that I miss what some might consider common. The above photographs are a perfect example. The common Mourning Dove. No, a Mourning Dove will probably not win any photography contests, we see them in the woods, at the lake, at any and every bird feeder. We can mimick their call and we know all about them – but sometimes a closer look is still pretty amazing.

Sometimes a reminder like this is just what we need. It’s not necessarily about the beauty of this common backyard bird, even though it has plenty. The reminder, for me at least, is that our world is definitely a wonderful world indeed. I hope this common Dove, especially during the trying times we find ourselves in these days, reminds us of some common things we need to remember: kindness, hope, love, gentleness, and looking for the beauty in all the things around us.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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