Our Wonderful World – Brilliant Blues

A couple of weeks ago, the last weekend of June, Monica and I scheduled a getaway weekend at a cabin. Surrounded by woods, lakes, and of course bird life. It turned out to be a one night stay, as our first grandchild decided it was time to be born, even though he was six weeks early. Some scary moments over the next few days, but in the end, he was delivered without any issues and the brand new Mom and Dad did a wonderful job. Thanks to the paranoia of Covid-19 “plandemic” we were unable to hold him or our daughter, but at least we were allowed in the hospital, and most importantly…everyone is healthy and well.

That being said, the one evening we had was very peaceful and serene. The cabin was terrific, and right outside the front door, there were bird feeders and suet feeders set up on the edge of the woods. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that many woodpeckers in one spot, which will be my next blog, but it was amazing to witness.

Today I’m sharing some of our Blue Jay photos. We arrived around 7pm, and with the surrounding trees and overcast sky, it was already getting a little darker than I would have liked for some great photography, but you have to work with what you get.

There’s quite the gallery above of some noisy and often pushy avian bullies. However, no matter their lack of manners and getting along with the other birds, Blue Jays are amazingly beautiful. The contrasting deep dark blues and blacks, along with the lighter grays and whites, make them a great photo opportunity. On top of their amazing color, they are a rather large bird and very mobile and active.

In my experience, Blue Jays are very skiddish and hard to get up close photos, but I think their hunger and familiarity at this cabin in the woods, calmed them down quite a bit and allowed us to get a few good shots before it got too dark.

I hope you enjoy the brilliant blues of these amazing birds. Be sure to click on the “Like” and “Follow” buttons below and leave me a comment. Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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