Our Wonderful World – Feeling a Little Nutty

Another frequent visitor at our cabin stay a couple of weekends ago, was the White Breasted Nuthatch. A super flitty, busy little bird to say the least. Always flying in quick and clinging to the side of a tree, never perching on a branch, and then quickly grabbing something to eat and flying away.

We were able to get quite a few shots of the Nuthatch, as there were at least four of them coming in and flying out from the suit feeder that was hung in the tree. I had to have the shutter speed cranked up pretty fast, because as I said, these little birds rarely stop moving.

It was so relaxing to sit on the front porch, right along the edge of the woods, and watch multiple birds and multiple species, come hurdling to and from the feeders. There was even a hummingbird feeder on the side of the cabin, which you couldn’t see from the porch, but you could see the hummers zipping back and forth from the trees to the feeder.

I hope you enjoy these little Nutchatch as much as we did, and find them as beautiful as they most certainly appear. For just a small black, white, and gray little bird, they are still very eye-catching indeed.

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Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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