Our Wonderful World – Got the Blues part 2

As promised in my last blog, here are the rest of the Great Blue Heron photos that I wanted to post. Everyone who has ever photographed birds, wants to get great action shots of them flying, eating, diving, swimming, or whatever “action” they might provide. One of the comments I received from yesterday’s blog was about just that; the great action shots of these large birds.

In yesterday’s blog, I left out an interesting part of the story that morning. When I arrived at the location I saw the Herons on the waters edge. The sunlight was starting to break through the clouds and the shoreline was being illuminated in golden shades of yellow. I took some long distance shots for insurance: nothing that would be good enough for posting, but would be for my personal proof that I succeeded in capturing them on film, as it were. But beyond the Herons was another figure. I looked through the camera lens and creeping along in the water was a man in a wet suit. As far as I can tell he may have been taking some pictures as well. I must say, what a very unique perspective. He is exactly at their level and has the shoreline as a backdrop instead of the open lake. Very unique indeed. However, when he ventured too close to one of the Herons, to my fortune, I was ready and waiting to collect on some nice action shots of the Great Blue Heron in flight.

That being said, my favorite photos from the above gallery is split between two: the two close ups of this majestic bird. The contrasting colors and the almost proud look always makes for good closeups and some of my favorite Blue Heron shots.

As always, I hope you enjoyed these photos and maybe you too, are starting to “get the blues.” Of course not in a bad way, but maybe you too are feeling inspired to get out and take a personal look at the nature around you. Until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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