Our Wonderful World – White Out

From the Blues to the Whites – Great White Egrets and a handsome Herring Gull. Amazingly enough these bright whites were on the same shoreline as the Blue Herons. It’s really not that uncommon to find the two different species near each other, feeding in the same area, getting along with each other quite well – possibly a good lesson for the human species to learn??

In any case, that morning I had finished up photos with the Blue Herons, as they were closer to me, and then my attention shifted to the Egret. I had to move and walk quite a distance to get close enough to them, but there was a building between the path and the shoreline where the Egret was, and it provided me perfect cover to get close enough for some good pictures.

I’ve taken many photos of the various Lake Gulls that are almost everywhere and more of a nuisance after a while than anything else. However, while focusing on the Egret, I saw this male Herring Gull, and his bright orange beak and his dark black head in contrast. I simply had to get a few shots of such a beautiful bird. Many times gulls are called “sea rats” because they are a somewhat pesky and more or less a scavenger of sorts. That being said, since I wasn’t trying to feed them or enjoy a peaceful moment on the beach in the sun, the gulls didn’t bother me and I enjoyed photographing this colorful little guy.

As always, it was a joy watching the Egrets so stoically creeping up and down the shoreline. Unfortunately for me, and him even more so, I didn’t see him getting to eat anything, so no good action shots of the Egret eating or flying.

So take a moment or two and enjoy today’s “Whites” and until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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