Our Wonderful World

As promised from my last phlog, (photo blog), here are some late winter Great Blue Heron. They were photographed at our own local Cowan Lake, just outside Wilmington, Ohio.

Originally I had planned on heading out that brisk morning to photograph some American White Pelicans. I was lucky enough to capture those, and also a few of these stoic Blues. When I first started out taking bird pictures, I began with backyard birds: Sparrows, Cardinals, Finch, and the occasional Chickadee. It wasn’t very long and we made our first trip to the nearest lake, and tucked back in a cove was my first Great Blue. From that moment on, they became one of my favorites to have in front of my lens.

They always appear to be so diametric. Menacing and yet majestic. Stoic and yet stunning. Brazen and yet beautiful. In the blink of the eye they can go from an almost catatonic, statuesque appearance to that of the fastest strike you may ever see in a bird, as it’s beak pierces the unaware fish just below the water’s surface. On this particular morning I didn’t get to observe that strike, only the cold stare into the dark water.

Yet this stare exemplifies perhaps one of the Heron’s greatest traits…patience. Ever so slowly and deliberately the Heron takes each step, sometimes pausing with it’s foot in mid air. Sometimes standing on one foot like pictured above. But always watching, patiently waiting for just the right time to catch it’s prey.

I’m not sure who named this bird the “Great” Blue Heron, but I can obviously see the reasons why. It’s size, it’s colors, it’s stealth, it’s large spear-like beak, are just a few the characteristics that make this bird truly “great” not in name only.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do, and if so, please leave me a comment. Be sure to click on the “Follow” and “Like” buttons below if you haven’t already. As always, from my camera to yours…

“Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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