Our Wonderful World – Snow Birds

So here we are in February of 2022. We have survived Covid, job changes, a grandchild, and an ice storm nearly on the anniversary of the 1978 blizzard. Though this winter storm was nowhere near what was forecasted and certainly not as bad as 1978, there was a fair amount of beautiful white snow and ice-covered trees.

Early in the morning I threw some bird seed out on top of the snow and ice combination. We had seen a few Junco’s on the feeder, which seems a little early for those around here, so I felt sorry for them, and threw some fresh and easy to get seed out on the snow. It wasn’t long before word got out, and flurry of snowbirds were now right outside the window.

It wasn’t much later, and I had pics of beautiful red Cardinals, the half and half Junco, and a very puffed out tiny little Chickadee. With the free backdrop of a fresh layer of snow and pine needles covered in individual sleeves of ice…it was truly an awesome sight to be a part of and to break out the camera and capture a few gorgeous moments in time.

I hope you enjoyed these snowbirds as much as we did. Our grandson, 19 months old, spent a lot of time staring out the window, laughing, and pointing. Combining the beauty of these snowbirds and the pure innocent reaction of joy and genuine amazement…was simply priceless.

I hope you are enjoying your favorite place and maybe some time to get out and experience…Our Wonderful World!

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