Our Wonderful World – Flower Power

Today’s blog features my wife’s keen eye for natural beauty. Seeing the whole picture. The color. The lighting. Blurring a portion while focusing on another. Framing those things that I walk past and take for granted so regularly and transforming them into frozen moments of floral wonder.

In the above photos, you can almost see the circle of life. Bright greens and purples. Bursting white flowers. And the end of that circle, shown in the cattails…dried up and blowing in the wind. Yet that is not the end, as we all know, but simply another beginning. Those things blowing in the wind, start the circle all over again. Seeds. And before long, there will be fresh green stalks and dark brown cattails swaying in the summer breezes.

So often nature reminds us of the more serious, the more real, the consequential yet sublime truths. Life and death. Good and evil. Growth and decline. Take for instance, the above white flowers in the last two pictures. Wild Hemlock or Poison Hemlock. It looks dainty and lace-like, harmless. But it is hiding a deadly secret. Its poison affects the nervous system, respiration, and so on. Reminding us as the old adage says, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Words to live by most definitely.

My favorites from the above are the photos of the purple thistle flowers. Every time I see these, and Monica captures them on digital film…I’m amazed at their simple and yet elegant beauty. They can be sticky, prickly, and really somewhat of a nuisance in and around your house and yard, but out in the field they stand out brightly and beautifully. Especially if you’re fortunate enough to photo a hummingbird feasting on one – still hoping for that experience myself.

So, whether its birds or flowers, fauna or flora, it doesn’t matter. Get outside and enjoy. Be sure to click on the “Like” and “Follow” buttons and share my page with all your friends. Right now, I’m up to 51 countries all over the world has viewed, liked, and/or followed my blog.

Until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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