Our Wonderful World – A, B, C’s

On our trip we were fortunate enough to spot and photograph three new lifetime birds: the Orchard Oriole, the Yellow Warbler, and the Eastern Kingbird. It was a very productive trip around Central Southeastern Ohio. Most if not all of the above photos came from Buck Creek State Park. So, here’s the rundown from the top to bottom.

The first three photos are of the Baltimore Oriole. Though not a lifer bird for us, it is the first time that we have seen one back here in Ohio. One of the first places we stopped was by the lake shore and along the frisbee golf course. It turned out to be a goldmine of a birding area. It didn’t take long before we started seeing streaks of reddish orange and black in the treetops. At first, we thought they were Scarlet Tanagers, which would have been absolutely amazing and another lifer bird, but upon further sightings, we realized that we’d have to settle for Baltimore Orioles. Not really a bad settlement, considering it seemed like there were hundreds of these beauties flying everywhere. They were a little camera shy, and wouldn’t give us hardly any open shots in good lighting, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Next is the good ole standby, the Cardinal. The guys are the state bird of Ohio, and it is easy to see why. Bright, loud, colorful, and just a joy to see them in the green trees, with the bright sunlight making them almost illuminate in the midst of the leaves.

The next two are another staple around our area: the American Goldfinch. If you have a bird feeder, you’ve no doubt seen these guys around. For a tiny little bird, however, they do pack a bold and vibrant color and a boisterous song. No doubt, a favorite to take photos of and watch them flitter about.

And then we have the House Finch. We were walking along a different part of the lake, and I caught a glimpse of something red moving in the tree right in front of me. I pulled up the camera and there just blazing in the sunlight, was this gorgeous House Finch. I quickly snapped off a couple of shots and, as you can see, the results were stunning.

So as not to leave out any color, the next is the Indigo Bunting. To be honest, I really can’t remember where this photo was taken. I remember walking into a new area and hearing the unmistakable long song of the Buntings, but as usual, they were in the brushiest parts and proved almost impossible to capture with the camera. Almost, because one of them finally did come out into the open and give me a chance to snap off a couple of shots. Another favorite to see and to photo, no matter how many times we come across them.

The next three photos are of one of the three lifer birds we saw: the Orchard Oriole. When we were taking the photos, we kept thinking these were different than the Baltimore Orioles, but really, we weren’t sure if they were immature Baltimore Orioles or some other bird altogether. Upon looking at the photos at home, we were able to see that this was a new bird for us, the Orchard Oriole. So that was our first evening out and already we had a brand-new bird to add to our list.

Then, one of my favorites, the Cedar Waxwing. Two very similar looking poses, but a good view of the waxy red area on the wings, and the bright yellow tips on the end of his tail. Another unmistakable call that we heard and tracked him down to get a few great shots.

Lastly, is the American Yellow Warbler. I’m not 100% happy with the above photo, but this little guy was just not cooperating with us. However, not to sound like I’m complaining too much, seeing the Yellow Warbler was a first for us, so he was nice enough to add himself to our life list.

So, what did I mean by the title today of “A, B, C’s?” Easy, “All Bright and Colorful!” That was the theme for today’s blog. All of these beautiful birds were so bright and colorful, and it was just a joy to see them. Be sure to click on the “Like and Follow” buttons and send me a comment or two.

Until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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