Our Wonderful World – Not the Birds

Our weekend trip was mainly focused on collecting some good bird photos and of course the ever-present hope to see some new birds to add to our life list. While both of these goals were achieved, we also ran across some other wildlife, and as you can see from the Chipmunk picture below, sometimes it actually ran across us!

Most of the time we all kept our distance from each other. However, even though the chipmunk photo is definitely not quality work, I had to include it in this blog. If I remember correctly, we heard a lot of noise coming from just off the trail a little way in front of us, and I had the camera up and kind of searching in the area. Without warning, there he is! And he was moving fast. I snapped off a couple of shots before he had crossed to the other side and was out of sight once again. So, admittedly a bad picture, but still so fun to get this little speed demon.

The other land animals hardly need an introduction. While we were at Cedar Bog, just outside Urbana, Ohio, out walks this White-Tail Deer. Just munching along the edge of the meadow, enjoying the sunshine and the peace and quiet. Not unlike we were doing as well. He ate out in the open for just a few steps, casually looked over in our direction, and slipped back out of sight.

Then the calm and cool Cotton Tail Rabbit. I’m not sure what he was doing, exactly. I’m guessing he too was munching on some grass or perhaps some wild strawberries and basking in the morning sun, no doubt trying to shake off the night chills and morning dew. To look at his fur, it looks like he may have had a rough night. Or maybe he’s just shedding off that remaining winter coat and settling into his summer outfit.

Last on the list of “not the birds” is a few turtles. Now I’m definitely not a turtle expert and I really couldn’t tell you for sure what type of turtles these are. I’m fairly sure that the second to last photo above contains a couple of Red Eared Turtles. For the rest of them, I really don’t know. I’m thinking they are some kind of Map Turtle. If anyone out there knows what they are, please enlighten me and send me a comment as to what they are. I’m sure all the readers would appreciate the information as well.

Cedar Bog turned out to be a very nice morning walk, but not much of a bird producer. But like any day out of the office and in the field, all turned out to be a great morning and we got to share it with the best of visitors.

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