Our Wonderful World – Bald and Beautiful

Well, I’m sitting here at home with my second ever bout with Covid. All in all, not doing too badly, but certainly not enjoying it either. I can’t get out and enjoy the time off from work, can’t do much really, but I can look at some pictures from our trip to Ottawa NWR up by Lake Erie from September, our anniversary weekend getaway.

As you can see, we managed to find some eagles. Most definitely, they were the Bald and the Beautiful. To try and describe the Bald Eagle in a new or fresh way is an impossible task. What struck us the most, was the amazing difference between the juvenile eagles, compared to the more recognizable adults. Both are massive in size, picturesque in their own way, and simply put…majestic. It is no wonder they are our national bird, even if it was by only one vote.

I can’t remember now exactly how many different eagles we saw in this one area; I’m thinking it was somewhere around 15 or so, but it was a thrilling day to say the least. There were many others we saw that were simply too far away to get pictures, or they flew away as we were trying to get close or the right angle, as it was very sunny out that day.

Thankfully we were able to drive around the refuge in our own truck, and could go at our own pace, stop whenever we wanted to, explore, and have a wonderful day. The volunteer was kind enough to give us a map and mark the locations of the nests, which got us close to several eagles. Being in our own truck, made it nice as well, because we could go “off road” on some of the service trails to get into some areas that maybe are less traveled.

One thing I did notice, is that eagles really don’t want people to get close at all. And by close, I mean like 100 yards or so. That being said, even though they are a very large bird, they are still difficult to photograph.

I’m thrilled that the Bald Eagle is making a comeback and is becoming more abundant, literally almost everywhere. Hopefully, we have learned our lesson, and the eagle will not have to worry again about its existence.

Thank you for checking out the photos and our blog, I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Don’t forget to click on the like and follow buttons, and please share with any of your bird loving friends. Until next time, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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